Soccer Six Tournament / Match Laws
60 X 40 yards, penalty area ( 30 x 24 ), goals ( 6 x 12 ) BALL: size 4 ( provided )
Number of Players
Max 10 players on roster. ( 12 Master Teams 40 + ) Games are played with five field players and a goalie, minimum number of players on the field not less than four. Only the 10 players that are on your original tournament roster are eligible to play in the tournament. Players may be eligible to compete on two teams, in the same tournament, but one of those teams must be co-ed and you must receive approval from tournament director prior to start of tournament. Teams caught with an ineligible player will be required to FORFEIT that match. ( 0-3 Loss ) CO-ED At least 2 FEMALE PLAYERS must be on the field at all times. Goals by females are worth 2 scores. NO SLIDE TACKLING.
Teams may have unlimited subs: 1) either team's goal kick 2) after a goal is scored 3) during injury time out 4) possessional throw-ins 4) before start of new period. 5) after a yellow card has been issued. * carded players must be substituted for. except keepers. NO SUBS will be permitted on the fly, or during corner or indirect kicks. ( Referee must approve all subs.. ).
SHINGUARDS ARE MANDATORY and must be completely covered by socks. A penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team for the shinguard rule violation. All players that are on the pitch must wear shin guards.

Bring two types of jerseys. Home teams are required to change uniforms if primary colors conflict.

   ( no: shirts vs skins ).

2 x 20 min. halfs with a 3 min. halftime. OFFSIDES DOES NOT APPLY In case of a tie after regulation time, the game will finish as a tie game.
If score remains tied after first 5 min. sudden death period each team will remove a player ( 5 a side ) for next 5 min. OT. The removal of players from each team will continue until teams are playing two a side after which we go to PK's. A forfeit will be awarded if the opposing team is not ready to play within 15 minutes of scheduled start time.
Opposing players must be at least 5 yards away prior to kick offs. Restarts do not have to go forward after goals & to start periods. No drop balls in penalty area.
A player is guilty of a 3 - line violation, when he/she passes or throws the ball across 3 lines in the air, ( cone to cone ) towards the opponents goal, without touching or having been played by another player on either team. An indirect kick will be awarded, to the opposing team, at the point were the ball crossed over the first line.
All direct and indirect fouls apply ( just like real soccer ). Opposing players must remain at least 5 yards from the ball. Once the referee signals for play to continue, the kicker has 5 seconds to play the ball. PUNISHMENT Indirect free kick, Offensive Indirect kicks must be taken outside of the goal area. Slide tackling is NOT permitted in any division.
1) A goal keeper, having control of the ball in hands, and having released it from his/her hands to be played, either by himself/herself or a teammate, shall not handle the ball again until it has been touched by an opponent, or a stoppage of play occurs.

2) KEEPERS MAY NOT HANDLE THE BALL PASSED TO THEM BY A TEAMMATE, Except: headers . Punishment: an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the top of the penalty box.

3) Once the keeper has handled the ball they have ( 5 ) seconds to put the ball back in play. Failure to do so will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team at the top of the penalty box.

4) Keepers may not throw, punt, or drop kick the ball in the air over ( 3 ) lines.

5) Keepers may not play throw ins with their hands.
1) A penalty kick shall be taken at the top of the penalty box. All players except the kicker and the opposing goalkeeper must stand outside the top of the penalty area, 15 feet away from the kicker. Players are not permitted on either side of the area.

2) On indirect kicks players must remain 5 yards from ball. Yellow cards will be awarded to players who slow down the flow of the game by not providing the mandatory 5 yards. ( no subs during any penalty kicks ).
The ( 5 ) second rule and the ( 3 ) line violation also apply for throw-ins. The opposing team will regain possession after a ( 5 ) second infraction. KEEPERS MAY NOT PLAY THROW-INS WITH THEIR HANDS.
Goal kicks are taken 1 yard off the end line, anywhere inside the penalty area ( One step off goal line ) Once the ball is retrieved, the player has 5 seconds to play the ball. Punishment An indirect kick will be awarded, to the opposing team, at top of the penalty area. Goal kicks must exit penalty area to be considered in play.
Goals can be scored directly on corner kicks. Opposing players must be at least 5 yards away ( 5 ) second rule applies. No substitutions are allowed during corner kicks.
Players ejected from a match will be suspended for at least the following match. Ejections for fighting or any other actions deemed violent may result in suspension for any further play. Should a player accumulate ( 2 ) yellow cards in one match their team will play down one player for the remainder of that match, He/she will also be subject to suspended for the following match or have the option of paying a $20 fine to play in the next game. Offensive language is cautionable conduct ( final decisions regarding length of suspension will be made by tournament director ) Fines may be paid to overturn suspensions for non violent fouls.
All teams are required to play three games. Teams forfeiting Sunday's matches without permission, from the Tournament Director, will be fined. Any teams playing with red carded players or players not on their original rosters will be subject to a forfeit, in that game.
One referee will be assigned to each match. Two refs for finals.
Regardless of weather conditions coaches and their teams must appear on the field of play, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to play will result in the forfeit of the match. Only referees and/or Tournament Director can cancel or postpone a match. Should a match's progress be terminated due to weather conditions after one half has been completed the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand.
  WIN = 6 pts, TIE = 3 pts, SHUTOUT = 1pt, LOSS = 0 pts, GOALS = 1 pt ( 3 max ) FORFEIT = 3-0 win ( 10 pts )

1) head to head comp.
2) most wins
3) goal differential
4) least # of goals allowed
5) most goals scored
5)a sudden death mini game with OT procedures ( to advance to the playoffs ) or a coin toss to determine seedings in playoffs. If a group has three teams in it, group matches will determine the winner ( not the cross-over match) Cross-over matches will count in the determination of wildcard teams only.

1) ARE SUDDEN DEATH, first goals wins - If the score is still tied after the first 5 minute sudden death overtime each team will be required to remove one player from the field. This player removal will continue until only one goalie and one attacker remain on the field of play. 2) If the game is still tied after the five overtimes a winner will be determined by penalty kicks. Five kickers, If the score is still tied we move to a sudden death round. All players on the roster must have an opportunity to kick before anyone my take a second chance.